Friday, 8 October 2010

C.S. Lewis.

Okay I've not updated anything substantial lately, nor have I have written down any of the thoughts floating around in my head. And unfortunately, it is mostly due to laziness. But I think if I don't write anything think down sooner or later I'll just forget what I was thinking back then, or worse still, remember something completely different. The thing about memories is that we tend to distort them.

I've just finished reading a collection of 7 books by C.S. Lewis. No it's not the Chronicles of Narnia which is coincidentally 7 books as well. It's 7 non-fiction books on Christianity in general, and I think it's made a huge difference in my perception on Christianity.

Over the past three weeks I've fallen asleep numerous times when reading the book, especially on long bus rides, because the concepts explained and vocabulary used can be hard to grasp at times. (Especially his book on Miracles woahhh) So at times I'm reading the same passage over and over again because I'll forget what I just read. But at other times I find myself going back to read the same thing twice because it's so profound and revelatory. Haha. Especially the metaphors and analogies, (Y).

Like, I think it's full of completely foreign ideas to me, although the ideas are all built upon the doctrines and beliefs I've known/believed since young. And I'm amazed at all the logic and reason behind what I believe. It's all very earth-shattering and momentous to me la. The idea that reason is a supernatural thing and not  Haha.

Okay I'm quite happy and sad now that the book is over. Happy that I've finally finished it, but sad that now I need to find a new book! Hahaha. If anything, C.S. Lewis has convinced me to start reading more Christian books. :)

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