Sunday, 22 August 2010


Okay I know I said I would blog again when school ended. And school has ended for a week now (and starts in a week gah). Haha but I didn't really expect to be out and about for 8-10 hours a day shooting pictures as a volunteer 'young photographer' for the Youth Olympic Games. Eh and I'm not supposed to actively publicise or promote my involvement on blogs/social media either so please pretend you didn't read the previous sentence. Hahaha and I can't post any pictures taken as well. Which I think is really silly because it just restricts the number of pictures of the event online to the news and media outlets. Or the athletes' Facebook pictures.

Anyways, as a result of secretly volunteering as a photographer, I've been traveling all around Singapore for the past week. From Bishan to RJC to Suntec to NTU. The Youth Olympic Village at NTU is by far the worst place to travel to because it's an hour and a half long journey depending on the traffic. And you can't do anything on the train or bus other than reading or listening to music. Which I've been doing so often for the past week that I've finished 4 novels and changed my iPod's list of songs twice. Okay I'm not complaining haha reading is fun! And transport is free. :P

And I thought the food was okay too. Because all the secret young photographers get Food Republic vouchers for food. :)

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