Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dad's Graduation.


Okay this was really rather long ago, but my Dad graduated from the Social Service Training Institute with a Diploma in Social Service Practice and my family went to the graduation ceremony. :) And I busied myself with taking unimportant, random pictures of the event.

The pictures are really random and unimportant. I make no claims regarding the value of it's interestingness to you.
Like these flowers. And for people with perfect eyesight and have always wondered what it's like to be shortsighted and not wear glasses or contact lenses:
Now you can wonder no more! :)
There was a professional photographer at the event, as this picture shows.
There were also lots of people flashing away in the audience. I tried many times before getting this picture hahaha.
Wahhh hahaha. He got a $150 Borders voucher which I used to buy Grapes of Wrath by John Steinback and it's a good book. :P
Ohh and after all the Diplomas were awarded we had two presentations about Social Service as part of some final research project thing from two people. Some of the conclusions and findings were really weird like: "Children generally trust their parents more when it comes to money", or "Children have a short attention span". The presentations were extremely successful in making everyone sleepy.
And some succumbed to the sleepiness. Hahaha can you imagine if the guy sees this picture I think I'm dead.
The chairs are the same as the ones at Church! But not as comfortable for some reason.
The photographer orchestrating a group shot.
I like his camera.
There was a tea reception after that, which is usually the case for these events. Free food is definitely the star attraction, that's why they leave the best for last.
I thought the sunflower looked really lonely. :(
Took a whole bunch of random pictures with my family, then we went to Lau Pa Sat for supper because it was nearby. :D

Rest of the pictures (like the formal ones) on Facebook.

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Baaah said...

ur daddy is very cool and one of my inspirations.. Say hi and congrats to him for me. :)