Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Okay I realised I have not blogged about this although it's one of the major things that happened recently. Hahaha. Minghui is now a Macbook user. Got a free Macbook as part of an internet plan with Singtel, and my sisters chose white instead of silver. =( I think the silver one looks nicer than the white one.

Ryan using my macbook at 5am on the 30th December, at least it looks silver in this picture right hahahaha.

And that wasn't the only Apple product I got, haha I also got an Ipod Shuffle.

I got it for free too. Haha. Okay I feel so cheapskate, but the shuffle was lying around my house unopened with no one using it, so.. =)

Hahaha I'm like an Apple fanboy now. Yay. My Windows computer feels ancient in comparison with the Mac, especially when it comes to editing photos. Yay for 64bit computing/DDR3 SDRAM! /geekystuff.

Haha and I think I'm getting used to the different hotkeys and when to use command or control. Although I still press the wrong keys at times and spend a few seconds wondering what's the problem with the keyboard/photoshop.

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