Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Eve.

Minghui decided that since he needs to wake up in 15 minutes time, why not do away with sleep altogether. Haha. Okay it's kind of unhealthy, and I'm kind of dead tired considering I went swimming earlier, but never mind. I think I've gotten so used to it already. =D

Merry Christmas Eve! We should sing Christmas Eve carols! Hahaha. We wish you a Merry Christmas Eve..We wish you a Merry Christmas Eve..

Past week or so has been kind of hectic and busy. Went carolling on Saturday! We went carolling at a couple of one-room flats with mostly elderly citizens were staying, and I thought it was a meaningful experience. Although we did have to sing some of the carols in Chinese. And some of the carols had the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts too, and trying to sing in Chinese and in harmony is challenging. Haha. Interesting experience nonetheless.

Then we went to a super high-class apartment/condominium at Orchard Road to sing at a Christmas party there. Haha. Kind of like a from third world to first thing but no I don't think I'll make any comments about the harsh unfairness of capitalism and democracy/meritocracy. It was different though, and it's the first time I've seen a Rolls Royce, Bentley, and some other huge vintage car parked side by side with the numbers 888 on their number plates. The car park was filled with Ferraris and Lamborghinis and all the other super expensive cars la. Who needs to go to a motor show with a car park like that, haha.

Then we went for supper at Ang Mo Kio, then Aaron drove us back and we got lost somewhere along the CTE. But the expressways in Singapore aren't that complicated so we managed to find our way back, haha. Then I went for supper again at Hougang with Ryan and Hao Xiang. Played around with the swings at the playground, then took a taxi back to Punggol because it was around 2am.

Went to Church on Sunday and we had to sing in front of the congregation. Gah. I was the only tenor la. Forgot/Didn't dare to sing most of my parts because I was drowned out by everyone. Hahaha. Okay never mind.

Monday was the start of the Reading Ambassador Programme! Was asked by Mr Yeo to help out with teaching/mentoring. I think being a teacher is a very tiring job. And being a good teacher is even more tiring. I have no idea how my teachers did it, considering they had us as students. Haha. Okay it was an interesting, although stressful and tiring experience.

Ryan and Hao Xiang were in school hanging around after the first day, and Ryan brought Nerf guns! Haha. We ended up playing around shooting each other at the Space with Mr Sharom whilst the PSL camp was nearby. Gosh it's like how we played Basketball with Mr Sharom and Mr Yeo during the Sec 1 Camp at the start of this year. =O

Then we went back to school, and I worked through the night and didn't go home. Slept for 2 hours in the staffroom, then took a bus back home, changed, and came back to the second day of the programme! Hardcore. Was half-dead, as usual, and I thought the presentation was really hard since we had to keep asking them to pay attention and telling them to keep quiet and to discuss/work faster and a million and one things. Hard to be a teacher. Or maybe I should have acted like really stern at the start so they wouldn't be so rowdy. Haha. But Mr Yeo insisted I show them breakdancing and hip-hop, so my 'stern image' was ruined.

Slept for 14 long hours on Tuesday. From 5pm to 10am on Wednesday. =S It's like catching up on lost sleep so it's okay. Haha. Met Koon Tat and we went swimming at Jurong East! Haha. I haven't been there in years. Although the place feels smaller, and I can touch the pool floor most of the time now, but it's still pretty much the same. =D Wave pool is awesome.

Then we went to the Chinese Garden with KFC in hand. Hahaha. Then we went to Uniqlo at Somerset and bought the same hoodies. Then Quiznos for some reason. =D Aw man. A lot of shops were closed at like 10.30pm, so we went home. And here I am blogging away and I have no idea what I just typed because of the nagging desire to sleep I guess. And it started raining so I no longer need to wake up early and can go to sleep now if I wanted.

Good Morning.

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