Monday, 27 October 2014

Ironing Bedsheets.

Yesterday I had a dream that I had woken up in the morning, and (as I always do when I wake up in the morning), I was headed for a shower. However, I decided in my dream state to bring a bedsheet and use it as a towel. And I further decided that a crumpled bedsheet simply would not do, and therefore decided to iron the bedsheet. So there I was dreaming about ironing my bedsheet, and finding it very difficult to iron the bedsheet because it was so large.

After much frustration I eventually finished ironing the bedsheet when I realised that I couldn't possibly use the bedsheet as a towel! So I picked out a towel and proceeded to go iron it when I woke up. This time I went for a shower with a towel that was never ironed.

My interpretation of the dream: Bedsheets take a long time to iron. Even if bedsheets are ironed properly, you can't use them effectively as a towel. So what are the bedsheets in my life that I am ironing when I should be ironing towels instead. Hahaha okay this doesn't make any sense.

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