Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dear Leader - Jang Jin-Sung

This was book that Rachel's colleague lent to her and she lent to me to read. Haha, was initially not that interested at first but by the first chapter I was hooked. On the whole, it reads like a dystopian novel, with so many horrific images and stories that leave you baffled. Even more shocking is that it's all based on true events; the widespread poverty and hunger in North Korea, all whilst the ruling classes enjoy a luxurious life.

It also talks about the struggle North Korean refugees face even after escaping into China, where they are constantly chased down by Chinese authorities and North Korean agents. This part becomes a James Bond/Tom Clancy thriller with constant running away from people and hiding.

Okay so in conclusion, an insightful book about the North Korean regime, but not something to read to your kids for their bedtime story.

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