Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Things no one told me about working.

I've started working as a photographer's assistant for about 2 months now, and it has been vaguely similar to my internship days, with a few exceptions.

1. It's exactly like school.
Everyone goes to work in the morning, goes out for lunch at noon, leaves work in the evening. It all feels vaguely similar to recess time in school where the canteens are packed for that hour or so but once everyone returns back to work the canteens are all empty again.

2. Lunch is expensive, depending on where you eat.
A plate of chicken rice costs $2.50 at the hawker centre, but costs $6.50 at the food court at ION. And no it's not some super delicious traditional home-made Hainanese secret recipe chicken rice. It's just average chicken rice that's not worth $6.50. Heng I'm not working in town all the time ah. And don't even try the $9.50 char siew rice.

3. Everyone drinks coffee or tea. Everyday.
Variations include kopi, teh, kopi c, teh c, kopi o, teh o, and so on.

4. CPF
Looking at my monthly CPF contributions, I can understand why some Singaporeans are upset about CPF. Haha but I'm not that bothered by it since I earn enough to get by.

5. Everyone talks about the weather.
I guess it's as common a topic as you can get. Such a hot morning, or such a hot day, or such heavy rain. Although Singapore is really only hot or cold so you can't really have interesting variations on the topic. Lately there is haze which is like our version of a yearly season. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Haze season.

6. I can never find the time to exercise anymore.
No more time to go swimming. Gah. Punggol Safra please open quickly so I can use your swimming pool.

7. There's nothing much to look forward to anymore.
This is depressing but the only thing you now look forward to are public holidays (or days which you applied leave). There's no more long school holidays, no more end of exams or changing of teachers/schools. Aside from maybe changing jobs or promotions, you're actually going to be working until you retire. And the retirement in Singapore is 62 - 65.

Soooo I guess it's hello to working for the next 43 years for me. :(

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